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Looks like a beautiful day- Hello everyone!


15 May 2003
This is my first post, my "hello" post I guess you could call it.
I look forward to meeting new cyber-friends and learning more about Japan. I see a couple of names I am familiar with already in your member list!

I am just outside of Chicago in the US, and we have had storms for the last few days, today the sky appears to be clearing up and we are all ready for some sunshine here. I hope you have a beautiful day too.
Konnichiwa WarriorX-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite! Here is a night in Japan, and I can not know the weather. But I think it is a bad weather now.:p
Yoroshiku ne. 🙂

Hello Twisted, Thank you for your welcome~ Night is now falling here, and tonight is the Lunar Eclipse from 10 pm till 11pm. Very cloudy here...hope we will be able to see it.
Hello Blue Eyed Samurai and NANGI, thank you for your welcome, I forgot about the time difference!
I have traveled to Asia twice, back in 99. I went to Thailand.
Bangkok the first time and then to Chiang mai a few months later. I spoke the triple gem and 5 precepts at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.
From the Sunstate: welcome WarriorX.

Beautifull wether here in northwest of Florida.

Peace and Joy be with you.


Hi Cathy and ben0a4,
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply- I went to a antique car show this weekend. I saw some fantastic cars. I hope you enjoyed the weekend as well. I haven't had a chance to really cruise this forum- I think I will make some time tonight to look at all the topics!
Hello WarriorX,

nice to see you back.

Antique car show, ummm! You really must had a good time.

Worrie not when you can post, just comeback anytime that you can. we have very interesting articles that you not find in any other posts.

Peace and love,


🙂 👍
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