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Looking to start a boat syndicate


22 Aug 2003
Interested in sailing this J24 for 10k a month and a one time 30k show-you're serious fee?

Located in Osaka.

If I was there already I would be in.
But I won't be living in the country for another year or two.
is there a lot of raceing going on?
It sounds like you are invoved a bit.
Sail? Me?

if it's info on sailing here that you need, you've come to the right man.

Go take a look at the site I run called Sail-Japan.info

Lot's of racing? Yup. Nice cruising destinations? You bet.

My advice would be to head for Kansai rather than Kanto if you want to get involved in sailing out here. Kanto is just silly expensive.

drop me a line at [email protected]

Thanx for the input Crip. It took me a moment to see what region you were talking about
but I am up to speed now.
That area looks good to me. And that is a great web site you run I have bookmarked it and will look at it in great depth.
My wife is an English teacher and is curently finishing here Masters when that is done we are off to Japan for her to further her carear and for me to take early retirement and go sailing :)
You might want to clarify the 10k and 30k to indicate the unit of currency. At first I thought you meant dollars and I almost had a heart attack.
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