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Looking to make friends in Japan!


22 Nov 2002
Hey there,


I'm looking to make friends in Japan (especially in Tokyo) either male or female of any age.

I'm travelling to Japan (shinjuku, tokyo to be exact) this coming May and would love to make friends to exchange e-mails and letters with before meeting and hopefully spending time together during my month long visit.

I hope to hear from you soon!


I am moving to Koshigaya City on the 25th of April for 3 months, I am looking for someone to hang out with while I am there, I am a 18 year old male from Scotland, if you are interested in spending time exploring Japan with me I would be very happy to spend time with you. looking forward to hearing from you.
Hey there.. Thanks for replying! I didn't think anyone was going to write to me! <laughs> Thinking about it, I'll PM you my e-mail address so we can talk more!
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