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Looking for Yuki Kanzaki (神崎友希)


5 Nov 2019
Hi All,

I am looking for someone that was very special to me and who I lost contact with 10+ years ago. Her name is Yuki Kanzaki (神崎友希) and she is 45 years old with a birthday in January. She was originally from Toyonaka City, Osaka, but was born in Hyogo prefecture. We knew each other when we both lived in Honolulu, Hawaii in the early 1990s. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am posting a picture taken in the early 90s.

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There will obviously be a need for more information, but I suspect (strongly suspect) that "more information" shouldn't be placed out here in public view. Actually, that image being there sort of feels like it might be not so good, but that is the admin/mod duty, not a simple regular member as myself.

Still, you can look over my posting history to make a judgment call on who I am and maybe I will give serious thought to privately assisting you, if you think you can trust me.

I will ask, though, that we don't be posting any results out here in public. This has to be straight up private all the way, or no go at my end. Sorry for the hardcore attitude.

So after you check my past posts so you can get an idea who I am, if you think you can trust me, send me a PM.
16 years ago , I came here looking for an old girlfriend. Comments hare made me think about the problems that digging up an old past could cause a woman. Many times , things from our past get buried and we don't want others to know about them. What if my old girlfriend was now married and if her husband found out about her past "love life" she ended up embarrassed or even divorced? I'm kind of glad members here convinced me not to search for her and let the past be past. I think about , what if she showed up at my door today and dragged her past with me up to my wife ; might cause problems. Even if there was nothing more than a casual friendship with the person being searched for , there is always a possibility of things being taken wrong and embarrassment caused. I guess you also have to think about the chances of finding someone are very slim if the person has moved and changed their name. Even with phone numbers and old addresses , I never did find any friends I was searching for and it had only been 4 years after I had left Japan. Anyway , just a few rambling thoughts of mine from my golden years.
Yep, Uncle Frank, you have made a good point about the situation being possible that the person being looked for may not want to be found. Very true. Just the last hour or so I have been finally getting my thinking cap on properly on this one, because I have never been involved in something like this before, that I can remember.

BUT, it could also go the other way. The person being looked for may be so super happy that the 'looking person' is actually looking and would be super happy to be found. I think Hollywood has exploited that emotional ride for good money. And I use "super" because something like this really could be a kind of wonderful experience for two people.

Funny that I have been seeing and reading those "I am looking for ..." posts and I usually read them more out of curiosity than anything else, so all the little corners in the "looking for" room haven't been of interest to me before.

Now they are and now I think I am going to do some learning.

And so the first thing I thought of on the 'being looked for" person --- even before I saw your post, Uncle Frank, is if the 'being looked for" person wants this looking to stop I am sure the admin folks won't mind a message to them they can then pass to me and I will stop. Or the same manner of contacting erikkai0993.

And I am being kind of impolite because I haven't even privately passed this thinking process along to him. This post will be the first time he'll see I have this style of thinking in my head.

But there has to be some sort of fair style that allows that sort of process to take place.

Now I also made the reference to the board admin folks because it may not be polite to expect the "being looked for" person to have to join this community just to send one of us a PM to ask we stop.

So that is why I offer that the admin can handle communications on such a matter. And I can't really see how that could be refused by the admin folks.

And I am sorry that I am proving once again what a terrible pain-in-the-arse I can be.

And I sure better apologize to erikkai0993 for posting this all here before sending the thoughts through private channels.
I appreciate the concern, Uncle Frank, but that was your encounter. No offense when I say this, but have you ever thought what if your old girlfriend wanted to be found? You let strangers talk your heart out of something it wanted. What happened if she looked for you? What would have happened if you found her and learned she was happy to reconnect, at least to be friends? I am sorry, but I am not going to stop nor am I going to 'what if' myself to oblivion. Simply put, I want to find her. Thanks again!
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