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Looking for Yasuko Oka


26 Sep 2002
Hi there. I'm looking for a woman named Yasuko Oka. She's about 23 years old now. She came to the United States for school about 5 or 6 years ago. She attended a summer school called Ojai Valley School. She went back to Japan afterwards and we kept in touch for awile but have lost touch ever since. We were roommates and I miss her dearly. She had an email address it was [email protected] but it is not working now. I do have her address in Japan, not sure if it is the right address anymore so yeah let me know if you need it and I'll give it to you. Please help me out, thank you.
I 😍 her so much.

welcome and yoroshiku.

Most likely that since she was still young that address you have is her parents. They should still be living there. If nothing else the Post Office might still be able to forward it for you.

It's worth to try at the price of a post card.

Good luck
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