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Looking for vintage Japanese Folk/Horror Movie Name?


11 Feb 2018
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Hello friends! I have been looking for a Japanese movie that I saw many many years ago, but I forgot the name. I know that the movie takes place in ancient Japan and involves demon possessions as well as a wizard like man who plays a Japanese guitar like instrument. One of the scenes includes a baby that is possessed and he (the wizard) uses written prayers on paper to exorcise people who are possessed. I also remember this character always being surrounded my women all the time and was called upon to save those who were possessed. He also tricks demons by turning into 2d figures of himself in a paper like form.

Please help!!!!! What is the name of this movie?????

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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I don't think its 耳なし芳一 (Mimi nashi Houichi), but I bet you'd enjoy that too.

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