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looking for translators for fansubbing


19 Feb 2007
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Hi, I'm RJD22 of ftp-anime. Since the site exists for a while I was thinking of starting a FanSub. We have the RAW providers Encoders Timesetters And Quality checkers. Still it is possible to Sign Up for one of those jobs too. But still we need mostly Translators. So if you understand Japanese fluently please Be sure to send me an Email.

- Good understanding of the Japanese language.
- At least 2 hours a week for Scripting a RAW

If you think youre the one for the job please contact me with the following information:

Job: (If not Translating)
Maximum Hours Available: (A Week)
Other Skills: i.e. Sub Station Alpha, Or other Programs
Level of Skill:

You can contact me on:
Site: ftp-anime.com(add www infront)
Irc : #[email protected]
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