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Looking for Toyomi Tnaka


12 Sep 2003
I am looking for Toyomi Tnaka - this was my mother's pen pal back in the 7th grade. They stayed in touch until the early 70's. I know that she was not married the last time they had contact. I do know that Tnaka is a very common name. My mother cannot locate any old letters to or from Toyomi but does remember the name of her street, Miphune? Does that ring a bell with anyone. If I can find her and hopefully I will, my mother wants to go to Kobe to visit. We are just dreading the worse news; she may have been killed in the earthquake or moved away. If anyone can give us any hope or information about Toyomi, it would mean the world to my mother. I will wait patiently as I know I am searching for needle in a hay stack. Thanks for any information you can lend.
ナ津、窶魯窶凖 : This is probably the street name in Kobe you are looking for (Mifune). And her name would be Tanaka (窶彡窶吮??ツ).
There are actually still some before/after pictures online of the earthquake damage on that street that look pretty devastating. But most places were at the time I'm sure. Good luck!
Long Lost Friend

Thanks for your info - do you know where I can find these pictures? Do you know if Mifune Street is a big area and would it be difficult to try and find her if she has married since their last correspondence? Any info will sure be appreciated.:)
Mifune Street

my mother thinks it is 320 Mifune - Can't find any of her letters that had her address on them.
Wish I could be more helpful, but on the bright side simply the fact that you have an actual street name in the address indicates it as a major one (most Japanese addresses are nothing more than divisions of subsections of districts within wards (Chomes), blocks and then houses or building #'s. In this case it would likely translate to 3-2-0 Mifune. the first being Chome 3, Block number 2 and building 0 (?). Streets are also numbered in the order they were constructed, not sequentially, so with so much reconstruction after the quake, many addresses may have changed as well.....Surely there are name & address finders out there somewhere that could at least see if this one ever did exist, however.
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