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Looking for Toshiko Fujimatsu from Sapporo City


27 Jan 2003
If anyone can help me find Toshiko I would greatly appreciate it. She is a very dear friend and we used to write to each other for years and then the letters just stopped. I have tried for several years to find her but haven't been able to. Please help if you can. Thank you.

Butch Massimino
Michigan, USA
Hi Butch, welcome aboard!

That's bad luck, one of our forum members lives in Sapporo, but he hasn't been around for two months. He could have looked your friend up in the local telephone book. I'll notify him in case he returns.
Thomas, thanks for the welcome and help. I appreciate all help finding Toshiko.
I also thought that it may help to post her father's name. I am not sure if he is still living. His name is Toshimatsu Ikeda also in Sapporo City. Please help me find her. Thank you.
I would like to bump this back to the front page in hopes that someone will see it and know my dear friend. Thank you.
Japan-Sapporo City telephone directory

I am wondering if anyone knows of an online telephone directory for Sapporo City. I have a very dear friend who I have lost touch with several years ago and cannot find. I know she used to be listed in the Sapporo City telephone directory. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Send me the contact info (what you have anyways) via pm and I will try and track said person down for you. I have many contacts in and around Sapporo and if your friend is still listed under the same name (diff address, diff number maybe?) then I can have someone check for you to see if she's still listed.
Ahh, I just noticed your other thread in this forum so I took the liberty of merging the two. I will pass the name along for you although I can't promise anything... If you have any more info you think might be relevant then feel free to send it to me via pm please.
Her husband's name is Fujimatsu Kenji and her father is Ikeda Toshimatsu. Her mother is Honako San. Does this help?? I appreciate any help you offer. Domo Arigato.
hi , hope you find your friend.
i am also searching friend in sapporo, can you help me?
i just started my thread also: "searching for anri manabe"
I am bumping this to the top. I have still had no news of my friend Fujimatsu Toshiko. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Butch, Don't Just Hit And Run !!

Been a long time since you last visited! The Forum has changed a lot since your first visit. There are a lot of nice people here, some in your age group and probably some with the same interests as you? How about joining our big happy family and let us get to know you. I came here a few years ago looking for an old friend also. I still haven't had any luck, but now enjoy the benifits of many new Forum friends. Anyway, just thought I'd say HI and good luck on your search!


Thanks Frank. I don't get online as much as I would like. I have retired from my old job since I was here last. I have also started a new career and am in college also. I am now a deputy sheriff and have a strange schedule. I can't promise that I will be here as much as I would like. I can say I will try.

Wow, Busy Life !

Guess that saying about old dogs & new tricks is wrong, good for you. The duputies up here in Maine are so short handed, they are forced to put on 60 hour plus weeks. Wear your vest & shoot for the 4.0 at college, good luck guy!


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