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looking for title of old Samurai Movie


9 Oct 2003
I am looking for the title of an old Japanese black and white Samurai movie. The story takes place during the era of the feudal lords. In the story the poor peasant people would go to a Lords home and threaten to comitt ritual suicide in front of their home unless given money. Usually the lords would give some money so as not to bring bad luck upon the home. However in one part of the movie the Lord had the peasant come into his home and perform the ritual using the sword he brought with him. The sword turned out to be only made of bamboo, but he had to perform the ritual anyway (ouch!!) any help is appreciated...thank-you.
Bamboo can actually be fairly sharp if cut right. Certianly sharp enough to disembowl yourself. Good luck on finding the movie. Sounds like a good one :)
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