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Looking for the following collector's item: 2002 Supra wristwatch

Iron Chef

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26 Feb 2003
Was hoping one of our members may have access to one of these watches as i've been trying to find one for sometime now. Unfortunately they are a commemorative limited edition that was made available only to those who purchased a 2002 JDM Supra (Japan Domestic Market only) as a collector's gift since that was the last year of production. Needless to say i've had no luck tracking one down but on the odd chance one of our members or visitors might know more about getting my hands on one it would be greatly appreciated. Rest assured, I am more than willing to compensate whoever is in possession of one and might be willing to part with it. If you do, PLEASE send me a pm and I will definitely get in touch with you. Thnx in advance.

p.s. Posted this here even though it's car-related as opposed to the Tech forum as we tend to get more visitors here in General Discussion and i'm desperate 8-p


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are you sure that this is the limited edition watch given out by toyota. i'm not sure it is.
I've not seen anything else even remotely similar. Truth be told, I have pretty much given up hope of ever acquiring one. Maybe next time I am in Japan for an extended period of time I can dig around but doubtful...
take the photo down to your nearest watch dealer. i found a similar watch and took the picture to a watch dealer to get them to change the watch face. i don't know how well it will turn out but they assured me it would be ok( i get it back this week). the people i went to just happened to do the watches for holden so fingers crossed it will turn out. it didn't cost that much either, i only pain $200 AU for the watch and the engraving.
Good to know (although if I can't get an original I will just forego it at this point), hope yours turns out to your liking.

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