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Looking for Takeo Osawa born 11 June 1956


27 Oct 2002
My 12 yo daughter wants to find out about her father:

Takeo Osawa, born 11 June 1956, originally from Imabari-shi but living in Tokyo (last address from 1991 was in Tokorozawa).

Anyone with any information PLEASE contact me through my email:

[email protected]

My daughter is very upset about never knowing her father - we don't want anything from him in terms of money or anything like that. She just wants to find out who he is - horrible thing for a child not to know.

Last time I was in Japan in 1991, my daughter was 3 months old - I had no contact with her father since, this is 12 years now.

Please help anyone if you can.

Thank you.
Hi Anna,

welcome to the forum!

I do hope your daughter will be able to find out more about her father, good luck.
welcome and good luck.

Hmmm, I saw on TV that people searches run about 30,000 yen .... I know that's not exactly the best method but it's always an alternative.

Have you tried sending a postcard to the last known address? Also, please check the other threads in this section. Lot's of ideas there.

Good Luck!
The first thing i do is run someone's name through google. If they're a bit active on the internet they're usually found. Doesn't work with common names though.
Thanks all - I have tried already everything that you all have suggested. This Forum is just one more way to try and find him although I do not have much hope.
I have not tried a private investigator of course but that is only because I can not afford it.
He never spoke any good English which makes my serach more difficult - people that he knows/would know would not speak English either so what are the chances of someone he knows (or himself) to come across this site?
Ach - one can only try..


Well, at least you're doing the right things but targetting different places on the net.

good luck
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