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Looking for something :)


23 Jul 2003
Hi there!

I'm looking for something i've seen a lot of times in the animes i have but i couldnt find something about it on the internet....

it seems to be a hollow pig made out of paper wich is hanging or standing around (very cute :) )- i think they put candles or incense sticks in it ... or something like that :/

the next time i see it i'll try to make a screenshot ...

i hope somebody even knows what i mean 😄

Greetings - Sheeva
Yes, it's an incencer. Some, but not all, Japanese use that in summer to repel mosquitoes...
Thx a lot 🙂

does it have a special name or so? ... is there a way i can purchase one of those? ... because i cant even find a single picture on the net!!?

greets - Sheeva
Doesn't have a special name as far as I can tell (I've asked around), and because of that it would make it harder to find online...
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