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looking for someone who can help me out preparing my next tattoo


24 Aug 2017
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hello there! :)
i am planning on my next tattoo. it will be the wolf moro from the anime princess mononoke and a quote of her. in english she yells something like "don't you dare talking to a goddess like that". i want the quote to be written in kanji but i can't read/write kanji myself unfortunately. therefor i am looking for someone who could help me out finding the right phrase from the added picture! i guess it has to be the very upper one, though i am not sure!

thank you so much for your help and knowledge already!! :) xx


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19 Sep 2016
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Unfortunately, it appears that this is an instance where the translator took great liberties, and the lines in the two languages do not match well. From what I found on the web, it appears that you are correct that the line at the top of that page is the one which became "Silence, boy! How dare you speak to a god like that!" However, that is not what was said in the Japanese version.

Here is the Japanese version: 黙れ小僧!お前にあの娘の不幸が癒せるのか. (In the version you provided, some of these kanji are replaced with the equivalent hiragana.)
The first part (黙れ小僧!) is equivalent to "Silence, boy!" These words do not appear at the top of the page you provided, so maybe they are at the bottom of the previous page.
The rest of the line has to do with healing the princess' sorrow, NOT "how dare you speak" to her.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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