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looking for someone from Japan for talk


21 Oct 2012
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Well, maybe I must tell more than "looking for someone from Japan for talk"! 😄

As I wrote in introduction section, I'm a new member of this forum (from Spain), I'm very interested in history of Japan, specially in feudal era and Meiji-Showa era, something more about me, I'm a young guy who like to communicate and learn things from other people, my passion (or the big one of all) is collect decorations and some kinds of historical collectibles, read good books....

I would like to know a friend (or friends) who are interested in talk about interesting things, and if you want to learn spanish or you know spanish but you want to improve it, I could help also! (I'm not only interested in talk about history, culture, art, music and society are nice subjects for talk). Maybe I could learn a bit japanese also, (now I need to learn at least for use some websites without english version...).

I use usually msn and skype, if someone likes my small offer, will be welcome :)

Best regards!
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