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Looking for relatives in Japan--Fuchikami family


29 Jul 2003
Looking for Machiko Fuchikami's brother and relatives in Japan

Hello; I am looking for my mother's relatives in Japan. My dear mother, Machiko Fuchikami Frederick, who I will always love, just passed away, but I think she still has a younger brother who is still living in Japan. Unfortunately I do not have the brothers first name but I do have the family information. My mom's father's name was Seiji Fuchikami and her mother was Koyoshi Fuchikami. She was from the Wakayama area close to Osaka. I know her brother went to the Osaka Business school (Osaka Daigaku) but that is the only information I have about him. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

thank you.
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Also looking for Fuchikami in Japan

I'm also looking for Fuchikami relatives in Japan. My Grandfather, Jinshiro Fuchikami came to Hawaii in the early 1900s. He came from Kumamoto Perfecture. He married Tsuruji Hara (Shikahei and Tame Hara). I think my dad said that Jinshiro came to Hawaii with a brother, but he wasn't sure. Since my Grandfather, Grandmother, and my dad are gone, it's hard to trace any Fuchikami's back to Japan. Good luck in your search.
The difficulty of finding relatives

I sympathize with you; sometimes it is really difficult to find your relatives or ancestors. I hope you do find your relatives in Japan. I guess I will be ok with it if I don't find my relatives, I hope we will all be re united with our loved ones once we leave this earth.
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