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Wanted Looking for online teacher of Japanese


30 Oct 2003
I am looking for someone preferably with educational experience to teach me Japanese online (ICQ, Yahoo messenger, etc.)
I studied Japanese at an institute but having liitle practice have almost forgotten it.
In exchange I am able to teach you Russian (or Ukrainian) as they are both my native languages.
If you have any other proposals, please write. We could discuss any other scheme of cooperation.

I would like to communicate few times a week, I'd prefer the teacher to prepare lessons beforehand (not only chatting and answering my questions.)

I also will do the same and step by step will teach you your chosen language.

Please contact me by PC or ICQ 160447180 (please indicate the reason (Re: Japanese teacher) while contacting me in ICQ).
Gosh maybe you should hire a personal teacher! because some people only want money which we all don't have :( or at least me -.-
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