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Looking for old soap opera


6 Oct 2003
Okay, I think this was back in 98. I was in the 10th grade, and I was taking Japanese. Every Friday, we would watch Japanese soap operas. I couldn't wait for Fridays. Okay, n e way I think the title of the soap was "With Love", but I'm not sure, and I think one of the main characters we're Takeshi Kaneshiro.

The story was about this guy and this girl who talked to each other over the internet. They don't meet each other till like the last episode, but they interact numerous times between the first and the last episode but never suspect they are the ones they're talking to over the net.
The guy in the story is a musician(he plays the piano), and he shares a song he wrote entitled (i think) "once in a blue moon" with the girl (from the net). And they fall for each other.

The last episode is of the girl getting married, but she loves the guy from the net. The weddings entertainment is a man playing the piano, and it just so happens it's the guy(i think by this time, the guy knows who the girl is). When the girl walks into the wedding and hears the guy playing his song, she figures it out and...I forgot the rest.

Sorry, but I'm not so sure about the detail of the story but what I explained was the basic plot.

Any help would be appreciated..thanks
I know that dorama very well... one of my personal favorites. What exactly are you looking for? How to get copies of the show?

If that's the case and you're interested in VHS tapes, I know someone who has them... if you're looking for video files or the like, I'm sorry but I can't be of any help.

Hope to be of some service...

I wanted to know if the drama is actually entitled "with love" or something else. If you do know the title, could you give it to me in English and Japanese because I'm trying to get KIKU tv to put this soap in their line-up.....and you said you knew someone with VHS copies of the drama...how much? I live in Hawaii, so that's gonna be a big shipping charge...

Thanks for the help...👍
Did you ever see an anime bout 5 years ago with character named Keigo and Matsaki? Keigo was a famous artist and she loved him but some girl tried splitting them apart. In the end she died on her wedding day.
Sorry for the delayed reply, itsumademo...

Yes, the drama you're talking about is called "With Love"... if you're looking to get KIKU-TV to show it, you may want to just call them directly. If I'm remembering correctly, the English-subbed copy that I was able to get was taped off of KIKU-TV... that would imply they already have the source material for that show, and perhaps could be convinced to reshow it.

Most subbed drama tapes being traded around seem to come either from International Channel or KIKU-TV... I'm envious that you actually live where you can see KIKU live. I'm in New York, and I have more than a few tapes of anime/drama from that station... nice to meet you!


If you still need a cource for the tapes themselves, let me know via private message and I'll get back to you.
Hey, neptunemoon!

I apologize, but I don't remember that anime at all... you might want to start a new thread in the anime/manga section asking about this. Some of the people who may have that answer might not check out this "With Love" thread...

Good luck!

I'm sorry... I was confused because if you look at the first post you entered here, you called it an anime. If it's a Japanese dorama I might be able to find some info for you... I don't remember it personally, but I do know some people who know much more than I do.

lol sorry i didnt mean to type anime confused myself. I would appreciate if you find anything. There was also another anime about a girl working at an airport and she was accident prone. She fell in love with her coworker. I heard there was supposed to be a part two but i dont know.
I'm very familiar with that site... it's a really great source for info on dorama shows, and I can't recommend it enough. Plus, if you have audio active while on the site, doesn't it play the famous piano piece from With Love called "A Link to Fate"?

I loved the soundtrack to With Love so much... I ended up buying the soundtrack CD. Now I can listen to "Miniature Garden" by Ash anytime I want...

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