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Looking for OLD (1980s 90s) penpal from Ichinomiya


27 Sep 2017
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Here is the last full name and address of have.
Kikko Saburi
5-15 Sakae 2Chome
Ichinomiya Aichi 491
I used to have this very kind young man write to me back then. We were both big Marilyn Monroe fans.. that is how we found each other to begin with. Over many years and many mistakes of my own, by losing contact, I feel badly now that I am older, that I didn't keep persistant in writing. I would love to know how this wonderful young man turned out .He was still in high school when we were pals. He should be around 35-45 years old now. If anyone can help me find him.. that would be great. I also have another person I am looking for.. Will make another post for that person.
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