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looking for Nobuo Rikitake


15 Mar 2002
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hi, i am looking for Nobuo Rikitake. he has moved allover Japan and i have no idea where he is now. he used to be in Nagawa, but since then i have lost him. he knows this name from wbs chats...but my real name is Shell Rodgers and i live in Florida, USA. if anyone can help me find my dear Riki i will be so thankful and would be willing to return a great favor! please help me! email me at TristessaJade@wbs.net.

his wbs chat handle was MonkeyBoy3 and he used tolive in London until 1996, he moved back to japan and lived with a Yamaoka family in Nagawa...that is all the information i have, i pray someone can help me find my friend. :)


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