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Looking for Naoko Koida


9 Apr 2003
I'm looking for a girl named Naoko Koida, the last time I talked to her was about 4 years ago. I don't know if she still lives in Edogawa-ku, but that is the last place of residence i have for her. If anybody can help please get back to me.

I dont know if you are still active on this site, this post appears to be from many years ago. I would hate to alarm you with bad news, especially if we are not thinking of the same person. My name is Jerrod.
Thanks for your input I guess, but you are not the original poster. He is looking for a particular human being that I may have information about. I'm not trying to be a problem.
I guess the point is , when someone here on JREF disappears for more than a year , we never hear from them again for some reason, It also seems their old E-Mail address also fades away. It's kind of a bummer because you wonder , are they still alive , did they get hit by a bus , couldn't afford the internet anymore and now live in a tent in the woods. It's darn nice of you to take the time to try and help someone , but in this case ; the member may not get the message sad to say.
If keith is still searching, I'd like to help, especially if we might be thinking of the same person. I'm not trying to be a problem. I did a Google search and someone else has been searching for the same person. I don't know the particulars about the relationship between the two, and I don't want to dig up anything that might be hurtful. Just want to give the information that I have to the right person. I'll leave these posts and if I get a reply awesome.if no reply, that is ok also. Life goes on.
I think that for information about a 'lost' person, it is perfectly appropriate to post to a long-dead thread. Jerrod - welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting. I had a girlfriend over 20 years ago who I parted with on good terms then lost contact with around 2008 and would love to know how she is. The original poster may be similar.
As a long time pet owner , I think a lot about the "Rainbow Bridge" story and hope to be reunited with them some day. I also kind of hope there is an "Old Friends Bridge" where we get togeather with long lost friends and find out how their life went after we lost contact with them. 200.gif
Well at the very least if keith continues his search and checks in here, I've left some bread crumbs.. im fairly certain we are talking about the same person so his search will probably end with the info I have. Like I said before I don't know the particulars of the relationship whether it was an ex or just a friend. It also is an old post so maybe he's given up his search. Either way I just wanted to help.
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