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looking for my relatives the washimine or otake family from fukuoka-ken, japan


19 May 2004
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hello, my name is chris and i live in baltimore, md. i am looking for my mothers family in japan. my mothers name is kazue otake and she was born (3/3/36) and raised in fukuoka-ken, fukuoka city, japan. if i can remember she told me she had 2 brothers and 2 sisters all younger then her. she met and married my father an african american solider, in japan. they were married in 1958 and they moved to the u.s.a. eversince then she lost touch with her family. all i have are pictures and a few names. i have never met nor spoke to any of my japanese relatives. i don't even know if they know i exist. please help me. i have a whole other side of my family i have never spoke to. my uncle (my mothers oldest brother) name is shigechiyo washimine, his wife sakiko washimine and his younger daughter is yuko washimine. the last known place of residence is in fukuoka-ken. if you can help i would greatly appreciate it.
looking forward to hear from someone.
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