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looking for my mom


1 Aug 2003

I am looking for my mother who left the states in 1992. I have not had any contact with her since she left and would like to try and find her. Her name is Hiroko Ashimini (I am not sure if I spelled the name right). I do have an address but I am not sure how correct it is because I have never recieved a response when I have written to it. Please let me know if you can help me out. I do have more information

Sincerely J. McAlister
There are aspects of Japanese culture that often cause it to break up families and prevent communication. My two young children have recently been abducted to Japan and it will not be easy for me to see them again. A long campaign of trying to break down barriers seems likely.

When you send letters, presumably you put your address on the back? If the letters are not returned to you by the Japanese Post Office then you probably do have the right address. Perhaps it is your mother's parents address? Japanese of that generation are more likely to have the shame and silence mentality that would lead them not to reply. They might have destroyed the letters rather than passed them on to your mother.

Have you asked the International Directory Enquiry service for a telephone number?

Have you contacted the nearest US consulate general, or the US embassy in Tokyo for advice? My British Consulate in Osaka has been helpful, though they do have to observe local rules.

Commercial tracing agents and Process Servers for courts are skilled at tracking people down. The larger firms will have experience or contacts in Japan. They will need paying, but might be the best shot.

Embassy websites usually have lists of lawyers who correspond in English (I don't know if you have any Japanese). They will often answer a couple of questions by email before starting the meter. They might be able to advise on the best technique for finding some one in Japan.

Are you sure about your mother's surname? You won't be able to find her without an accurate one. Contact the oriental languages department of your nearest university for expert help on that if you need it.

Be persistent. Whatever it looks like on the surface, she wants you to find her.
Re: Hiroko Ashimini

Hello McAlister,

Send me an e-mail at: ([email protected])
and tell me more and I will
send you information about my group for searching for

Sincerely Shigeo
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