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Looking for my grandmother ?v?u

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22 Dec 2004
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I am looking for and hoping that I may be able to locate the descendants and/or relatives of my paternal grandmother, Ms. Shimazaki [whose full kanji name is 窶懌?。催ィ窶ケv窶「テ?スu], who was Japanese. I have little information about my grandmother except that she was married to my grandfather whose kanji name is 坂?堋債ェ while he was attending medical school in Japan about 80-85 years ago. In addition, both their daughter and eldest son were born in Japan as well. The whole family did move back to Taiwan after my grandfather had received his medical degree; and my grandmother subsequently gave birth to another son there. However, for some unknown reason my grandmother later took the daughter back to Japan and never returned. Considering her age, I do not believe that my grandmother is still living, but I truly wish that I could find either her daughter (i.e., my aunt) or any of her descendants. After a lifetime of not knowing, there is always a void in my heart. If you have any information on this, I'll really, really appreciate that you can contact me. THANK YOU!!
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