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Looking for my Biological Father in Japan

Rio Shakira

20 Nov 2017
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Looking for my Biological Father in Japan

Hi! Good day everyone!

I am Rio Shakira Fajardo living in Manila,Philippines. 

I’m new to this kind of forums but I hope this way I will be able to find my father in Japan  With your help.I wasn’t able to see him for 16years already.

My father’s name is RYOICHI ONUMA. My mother told me the last time he was residing was at Nagasaki,Japan and had a Convenience Store as his business somewhere near the area.The last contact from my father was in 2001 or 2003 before my mother left to work in Hongkong and her phone with his only contact got robbed at Hongkong.

Any kind of help to reach out for him would be such a BIG Help for Me and Mother. Thank you!
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