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Looking for Ms. Megumi Koike

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5 Aug 2003
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Greetings I am looking for a English speaking Tokyo resident who would be willing to help me with a little research for which they will be compensated.

I am Looking for a Lost Love a MS. Megumi Koike of Tokyo

Last contact was August of 1993 when she was an employee of the Pink House Co. Ltd in Tokyo. Her position was Main Office Secretary / Clerk. She had been with the company for 2 years. It is possible she has married and her last name is now different but she most probably still be working for this company in Tokyo.

if contact is successfull please give her the following email address: [email protected]

My name is Lonnie Bailey from Las Vegas

She has a telephone in Tokyo she last lived near the main office of Pink House Co. Ltd. a Clothing Manufacturer

Please help, Thank You
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