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Looking for Mr. Teruo Momma of Tokyo Japan


5 Dec 2016
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A very special friend of mine was looking for her father Mr. Teruo Momma of Tokyo Japan please help us find him. Thank you :)

My name is Mona Garcia, and I've been looking for my Japanese dad for quite awhile. My mom is Beth Garcia a filipina .
They've met in the 1980s and had me and my sister.
They ended up breaking up because apparently my dad had another family.

She remarried when i was 2 and left the Philippines in 1991.

When we came back in 1996 she got a call from her sister telling that my dad was looking for me all along,

In 1996 i remember seeing my dad for the fist time and felt so emotional.
But after all the effort...

My mom decided to bring me and my sister here in Belgium 1997 because of my stepdad without my dad's consent.

Apparently he tried looking for me and sister till 2005 ( thats what my relatives said in the philippines) but he was unlucky.

My stepdad made sure that we had zero contact with our families in the Philippines(until my mom and him ended up divorced in 2007)

I struggled alot but thankfully found my family through Friendster.

It took a while to realize that i needed my dad aswell.

I was so mad at my real dad because i thought that he abandoned us. Not knowing what really happened.

I've asked for help at the Japanese embassy ,apparently all details are strictly confidential and i need a lawyer to have his details.

His name is Teruo Momma, and lived in Edogawa Tokyo Japan, his old number was 00816786001, i also have his passport number.

I am now in my late 20s and in order for me to move on , i honestly need to know that other part of me,my Japanese culture, my "DAD".

It would be great if someone here can advice me or help me somehow please

,Hopefully social media will help somehow . thanks in advance (PLS SHARE)
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14 Mar 2002
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I have removed the email address as well as the phone number for reasons of privacy. I hope your friend will be able to establish contact with his father!
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