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Looking for Mr. Ryuichi Elli Ito


8 Oct 2003
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I am a girl from Northern Europe, Finland. The reason for my writing is that Iツエm looking for a person named Mr. Ryuichi Elli Ito. He visited Finland in summer 1975 and he spent few weeks with the family Selenius in a small village called Rテカykkテ、. At that time Elli was 25 years old.

Elli came to Finland to meet his pen friend, but he never had chance to meet her; she had moved to Sweden. So Elli was wandering in Helsinki all by himself when he met two Finnish girls, Aila and Lissu. The girls offered him a place to stay over a night at their home.

Ailaツエs family was very nice and Elli became friends with Ailaツエs brother Timo. Timo and Elli had a week motorbike trip in Finland and they were having a good time together.

After this trip Timo and Elli planned to have a party, a kind of leaving party for Elli. On their way to Nummitupa, a dancing place near Rテカykkテ、, they met two other girls, Sirkka and Seija. They decided not to go to the dancing place, but to Sirkkaツエs home. They had a party of their own, in four some窶ヲ

Two days later Elli leaved and travelled back to Japan. He sent two cassettes during Christmas time as a present to the family Selenius and his address for to invite his Finnish friends to Japan. The address was: 1477 Wakamico, Sudama-cho, Yamanashi-pre. He also gave Lissuツエs address to his Japanese friend, Hideyuki Makabe for to make them pen friends.

That was the last time when Elli was heard by the Finnish people he had met. He didnツエt know that he left something to Finland, something to Sirkka. 7.4.1976 a little black haired, Japanese looking girl, Sini, was born. Now she is sitting and writing a letter to Japan窶ヲ So daddy or daddyツエs friends: if you recognize Elli from this story, please contact ito@luukku.com
I just want to know if you are alive and I want you to know of my existence.


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