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Looking for Mitsuko Okoshi in Sapporo

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12 May 2003
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I'm Willem Rabbelier from the Netherlands.
Almost 40 year ago - I was a young man of 16 then- I was writing with a dear girl from Sapporo. Her name was Mitsuko Okoshi. We had a very good exchange of letters, ideas and thoughts. I don't remember exactly what happened, but, all at once, after a few years, the exchange of letters stopped.
Later, when I grew older, I started reading about Japan, and all things Japanese again. I never lost interest in this nation. At this moment, being married for 30 years, having 4 beautiful kids, I'm really curious to know how my former penpal Mitsuko is living, feeling and doing. I would really be very pleased to find her back.
Unfortunately all ll I remember is her name, Mitsuko Okoshi, and the town where she lived: Sapporo. The only thing I still have from her is a tie she once sent me! Once my mother threw away all the letters, cards and presents Mitsuko had send me. By mistake.

If someone could help me find her, maybe I could ask her whether she would like to exchange some thoughts again.

With regards and respect,

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