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looking for Mikku Naito

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Duane Hanson

27 Aug 2003
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Mikku lived in Mitaka city and was attending a international college last time I seen her. Her age now would be approx 40 years old or so. I was in the Navy when I met her and I remember her brother going to sea with us for a couple days on a tiger cruise and he had a good time, but I can't recall his name. She had a German friend named Tonya I believe that was with her the day we met at the Big Apple club in Shinjuku. Her parents lived on one of the other islands of Japan but I'm not sure which maybe the city was Kobe but thats a guess, but I do know she said her dad owned a trucking company. I should add that Mikku is a nick name and thats all I called her by so her real name I'm unsure of. She was a very nice girl that I would like to get in touch with very much. The ship I was on was the USS Towers. Thank you for your help. Duane.
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