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Looking for Mieko Nishiwaki


7 Jan 2003
I am helping a friend to locate his mother. Her (maiden) name is Mieko Nishiwaki; however, her married name was Mieko Thornton. I'm not sure what it is now. She had a son, Mark Edward Thornton on October 8th, 1973, in Yokosuka, Japan. Her bdate is 1/17/49. He has not had contact with her in 23 or 24 years. If anyone has any info or any ideas on how we could get more info, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Thank you!
Hi Sara, welcome aboard! 🙂

I'm far from being an expert in locating people, but has your friend tried to contact the city hall in her last known domicile? They could have further info on her whereabouts. Hm, another possibility is to ask the Japanese Embassy or the next consulate for help, although you shouldn't expect too much assistance through official channels.

Anyhow, good luck with your search!
Hello smcfall,

To keep this short, Please contact me if you want my group to assist you
in your search for your mother.

Give me more details such as city to search in and other family members' names and ages.
What city or prefecture was your mother originally from?
It is not clear whether your mother is in Japan or in the USA. Where is she?

What was the reason for separation?

I will give you information as to who I am and the purpose of
our organization as soon as I hear from you.

With much Aloha from Hawaii. Sincerely Shigeo

My e-mail address: ([email protected])
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