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Looking for Michiko Utsumi


7 Dec 2002

I'm looking for an old friend, we lost contact about 7 years ago.

Her name is Michiko Utsumi, she should be around 26 or 27 years old now. I've tried looking for her for quite some time on the net, but no luck.

When I knew her, she used to live at Kanagawa-ken Kawasakishi Miyamaeku Maginu 1404-6, and maybe even still does. I've tried sending letters but no reply, so I'm not even sure that my mail are getting through.

I'm really desperate to find this person. Can anyone help me?
You guys don't need to worry anymore.

After 4 years of exhaustive searching, I've finally found her!
I'm glad to hear that, Proplus! We all love happy ends, lolol.

And welcome to the forum! 🙂
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