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Looking for lost love Miki Yamada


31 May 2002
I am looking for a former love who is from Chiba City and may live there now. We met in 1994 while she was studying at U.C.L.A. Her name is Miki Yamada; was born in March of 1968; has a twin sister and another sister a few years younger. When I knew her, her father was an executive for Hitachi.

I have looked for her intermittently on the Internet for the past seven years, but have gotten to the point where it's difficult to move forward in life without finding her. I am rather confident that she would like to be found by me. If you know how to contact her, I can give my phone number and e-mail address to you so that she can be given the option of contacting me, to allay any concerns of stalking, etc.

Please help. My heart cries out for this woman.

Shawn Tyler

hmmm .... 33 and not married would be rather difficult.
I wish the best of luck though.

also, welcome aboard!

lolololo .... I've thought of doing the same but ... got married.
Hello, I don't know if you are still kicking but I've managed to find an Instagram account which matches your description. Reply to this if you see this comment. Thank you for your time.
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