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looking for lost friends


15 Mar 2002
looking for 3 friend's i went to colleage with at UC San Diego in 1993/94:

Minae Mibe
Takajuki Minegishi
Yukiko Takahashi

they used to live in the tokyo area. i'll be travelling to japan on 6/19 and would like to get in touch with them.
unfortunately, there are no white pages for japan on the web, so, i have no way of checking. can anybody help?
While in your Japan you should always remember:

- Take "meishi" (business cards) , list your phone number, fax, email and home address so those whom you come in contact with can contact you in the future.

I had taken 1,000 meishi writen in English and Japanese on one side and after three months came back with 150 - 200 left. I had made lots of contact from my trip and now i'm able to visit them or vice-versa, it's nice how helpful a piece of paper is worth, it's also helpful to have business cards in america as you can easily give important people / cute sorority girls your digits.

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oooh ohhh pro at work

lol ... how true meishi are important but some girls get turned off by them if they have your company name on them.
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