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Looking for Kuma-san & family


27 Jan 2003
:) I spent almost two years in Tokyo area in 1959-1960 while in the USAF. Much of that time was spent working at the Grant Heights Dispensary as a medical lab tech. Kuma-san was a very capable assistant with whom I have lost contact. Kuma and her husband lived NW of Tokyo - they have at least two children and Kuma ran a small pharmacy. Her husband worked at the local bank.

We lost contact around 1970. Now that I am retired I have time to pursue renewal of old friends. I hope someone can help me.
I will post an old picture of her husband and friends with myself from 1960.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kuma, where are you?
Hi Wance, welcome aboard!

Thanks for sharing your images with us, I also wish you good luck with your search.
Your search

Actually Grant Height area is now all re-developed & called "Hikarigaoka" - lots of condo buildings there...

Since we live in Tokyo, if you could let us know more info (e.g. Kuma-san's full name, any name(s) of her family member, even the old address when you lost contact....), we might be able to help. Cheers
Thanks, HAL

I am trying to find the old address and complete name, but it is buried somewhere in my basement. When I come up with something I will add it to my request here.

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