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Looking for Japanese song, very few details


2 Jun 2016
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I am looking for a japanese(probably) song. i dont remember the name of the song the artists name or anything. i have seen the video of the song so i will tell you how the video was. Based on that if someone can guide me to the song.

There is a guy who saves a girl in an underground parking lot and they become friends. And then they start meeting each other. And then we come to know that the girl is from a rich family and the boy is from a poor family. The girls father dont want the girl to keep meeting him. So he put restrictions on her. Nd yet she had alredy started loving the guy and she left her home to come and stay with the guy. He also has same feelings for her. And then they lived happily. until one day that girl fainted while cooking while the guy was away and then the guy came back and took her to the hospital and there the girls father came and slapped the boy. The broken heart boy was returning home when he is shot by the thugs from whom he saved the girl. And the guy dies. The girl keeps waiting for the guy.

Thats all.. now can any of you recognize the song. If yes then please tell me.. i just love the song. I have to have to get it somehow.
Thank you


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
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Sounds like a Korean drama. I hope someone can point you to the artists!
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