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Looking for Japanese father Toru Motohara


5 Jul 2017
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Hello to everyone here at Japan Reference!

I am Anna C. Venturina, 23 years of age, living in Bulacan, Philippines.

I am posting here to seek help in locating the address of my Japanese father in Japan. His name is Toru Motohara. By now, he would be 66 years old.

I was born in Nagoya, Japan on August 16, 1993. I stayed there for three years then in 1996, we all went home to the Philippines for my father to meet the family of my Filipina mother, Litz Venturina. Unfortunately, they drifted apart due to grievous misunderstandings. My father went back to Japan alone since my mother insisted that I grow up under her custody in the Philippines. They had a mutual agreement that I will go to Japan when I turn 18.

However, our communication was cut due to the intervention of my step-father. He tore into pieces the paper where my mother wrote my Japanese father’s phone number in Japan. The last time that we had a communication with him was when he informed us that he already moved to Osaka and left our apartment in Nagoya. My mom, however, does not remember anymore wether my father gave his new address or not.

It has been 19 years already and we still have not talked again or even seen each other. Now that I am fully capable of looking for him, I would like to seek the help of anyone here in this pursuit of knowing a part of my life unknown.

Should you know Toru Motohara, you may contact me at [email protected].

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