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Looking for information on Japanese/Computer related careers.


20 Sep 2003
Hello everyone. First have to say I am very new here, but already am just overwhelmed with the amount of information on this forum!

Right now I'm at a point where I am deciding my major in college and what career to go into. With most college GE requirements met and a soon to be 3.8 GPA this semester, I have quite a few options, which is both good and bad.

But what to do! My minor is to be Japanese, and Major Computer Science. I absolutely love the Japanese language, sadly the community college I am currently at only went to Japanese 2 :( and when they were about to open Japanese 3! Budget cuts! (I live in California heh...). So I'm at a lul right now when it comes to the language.

I've vaguely checked into the Jet program, but I was hoping maybe someone here had an opinion on it. It will be years before I finish the course load for a computer science bs, so I was looking into other options to further either Japanese or CS that makes income.

I know computers well, and grew up with them all my life, as well as playing many Japanese style games and RPGS. I was hoping to mix them, maybe work with some sort of computer company where I could use Japanese or the language as a large bonus to "get my foot in the door."

As you can see everything is chaotic and I'm very undecided and confused where to go at this point. :)

I was curious if anyone on this forum has a good paying job that combines a CS degree and Japanese, and what it involves (Hopefully, not 1000 hours of programming!) Any advice at all would be extremely appreciated!
What's wrong with 1000 hours of programming?

Hopefully, the economy will be much better by the time you have finished your degree.

You should join a study abroad program for a year in Japan. Then when you graduate, get some experience programming. When are able to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2, then look for a job in Japan, if you like.

Thank you guys :) Almost gave up since no replies!

I can't read the one site, as my Japanese is only about Japanese 2 college level :( What is on the site?

As for the Test... I know very little of the tests, what is required and most important, what those who have done the program think of it and their tips.

Thanks guys.
If you are thinking of JET, spend the next few years coming up with a smooth answer to this question, which you will get at the interview stage (if you make it that far. Not saying you won't...) "If you want to work on JET, how will all the years of your computer science training help you be a successful teacher?"

I'm not saying you won't get in. JET looks for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and you don't have to know how to teach ESL. The catch is that they like to try and sniff out the folks who are trying to get on the program as a way to get to Japan and start making business contacts. Also, you might get posted to a job location far, far away from any center of gaming or industry where you might want to ply your future trade. You have almost no say where you will work. All you can do is ask.

If you want to get a huge boost in language skills, yes, do JET and study hard. If you want to make some cash, JET can help (get paid more than NOVA, work less, how can you loose?) You should make it to JPLT Level 2 in a few years (JPLT 1, the highest you need worry about, is getting to be more standard these days, so know your 2000 basic kanji).

JET will not suit you if you are not ready to put your computer career on a low heat for a year or two.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and J.TEST (Test of Practical Japanese) are kind of the two big skills test for people to prove they know some Japanese. Lots of people take lots of different Japanese classes, and not all programs are equal. The two tests above are a standard, uniform way for employeers to look at your language skill.

Well, I know I have a while to go till I get to practical level japanese.

I plan to go for a Japanese minor. Anyone know how effective that level of japanese education is? I don't know any Japanese minors so I can't really tell :/
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