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Wanted Looking for Indie Manga Authors to take part in online forum (Japanese only)

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21 Nov 2018
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Hi I am working for a market research agency and we are currently looking for Indie Manga Authors to take part in a 3 day online community with about 9-12 other participants, up to 45 minutes participation a day.
- Take part in an interview (most possibly over Skype)
- Renumeration upon completion of forum and interview

**If you know someone who fits the following profile, please recommend him to us. We will award you 100USD if he or she is selected and completes our 3 day (45 min per day) consumer insight and interviews. The full participation payout will be paid to the participant whom you have introduced only**

Criteria to qualify:
- Indie Manga Authors (who self-publish for free)
- You have to be using at least one of these publishing tools, Pixiv, Comico or Line Manga
- You have to be comfortable with online platforms and are comfortable/confident in uploading pictures and videos
- You have to be open to taking part in a follow-up Skype interview (if selected) during the time of the research
- You have to be open to the idea of using (not reject), Kindle Direct for self-publishing
- As an author, you can either be:

  1. Self-publish for free but are also under managed contract publishers or manga services

  2. Currently do not have any contract but have interest to acquire it and have interest in gaining revenue from self-publishing

  3. With or without monetary interest, who have no interest in acquiring managed contract
Please comment below if you are interested and I will drop you a message.
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