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Looking for friend Yasuyo

30 Jan 2004
Looking for good friend whose name is Yasuyo Murakami - based in Osaka. She studied at Concordia University (Montreal) with me and I haven't heard from her since 2001. I had her address and phone number but I tried calling and the operator told me the number is no longer valid and the address is no good either. She comes from a family of 4 girls, one of the sisters name is Yoshi and studied in Hawaii. Her dad has a business (not sure what) and her mum recently passed away. I would really like to know where she is now, she used to live in Osaka but apparently, could have moved. Anyone who could at least maybe give me a website where I could search for her telephone number? That would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome to the forum. I moved your thread to the Japan People Search section. Good luck with your search!
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