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Looking for Fansub Translator


31 Aug 2006
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Hello, I am currently in search of a Translator willing to work on the show "Death Note" and possibly "D.Gray Man" when they are released this October. The group is ToriyamaWorld, found at www.toriyamaworld.com , once famous for it's high quality Naruto subs. The site is dying now, and we are attempting a revival with these shows.
You only need MODERATE Japanese skills, as we have an experienced checker who simply cannot devote his full time to translating. Also, TW was renound for being very slow, so you'd have about a week and a half to translate before anyone started becoming annoyed.
All we need is a translator, so please if anyone is inturested, contact me! You can email me at [email protected] , [email protected] , at Toriyamaworld , or here in this thread (preferably the last one, as my filters might block you). Thank you very much to anyone who is inturested in helping us with this project :)
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