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7 Aug 2002
I am assisting my spouse in locating a half brother. My father-in-law was stationed in Fukouka from 1946-1950 and had a son who was about two when he left. He named his son Jimmy Ray Lawson but we don't know if his name was changed to a Japanese name. Is there site that lists residential phone numbers in Fukuoka? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated😄
welcome to the forum twinkle🙂

I will see if there is a directory for that area ect, maybe moyashi or thomas will be able to locate one easier that myself,🙂
Thank you for the welcome Deborah. Moyashi, I tried NTT, however, they only have business listings in English. I am hoping that someone knows of white page listings or perhaps someone who lives in Fukuoka would look it up for me. I have been enjoying the posts in the forum. Thanks for your suggestions. :)
ugh, hmmm, you can always try the overseas operator. The japanese staff speaks pretty good English.
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