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Looking for book recommendations about daily life in Japan


Yes, that's my real name.
6 May 2013
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Hi Everyone,
Are there any books that is sort of like compilation of information that is available on forums like this one and others? Basically something like a survival guide with proper cultural etiquette in Japan, and what to do, what to expect, and daily life all blended into one book.

I strolled through the isles at local book store, but honestly those are all "tourist" type books, very basic information and all same type of details. Either that or language/phrases/places to see in Japan. Not really a hand book for reference & understanding daily life..

If there are apps that can do the same thing for Blackberry or iPad, i wouldn't mind trying them as well. I just want to build my knowledge of Japan from the perspective of a native. I also saw a lot of "interesting stuff in Japan" kind of books, those are nice but don't really have much value when you want to learn "Life" in Japan.


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22 Apr 2012
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Lonely Planet Guide is a Pretty useful one I think, not only for Japanese but for other country as well. their website is also useful, too.
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