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looking for apartement outside tokyo


28 Jul 2004
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I'm and my wife are planning to go to japan next year.

I wonder if I can get a job in japan as programmer, so I may study for master degree there. Before that i think I need to attent japanese language school first for about 1 year.
Btw I found good ones at tokyo KAI Japanese Language School and kyoto 京都日本語学校 -創立1950年。洗練されたメソッドの京都日本語学校へ。-. They will help getting pre-college visa.

I was able to find apartment in tokyo here SAKURA HOUSE® - Furnished Guest houses, Apartments, Share houses for rent in Tokyo, Izu and Kyoto since 1992.. I looking for private apartement with furniture. I realize that the apartement in tokyo is very expensive. For good living we should spend about 120,000 yen each month just for apartement rent. I though i can get 80,000 yen/mnt for nice apartment, but i'm wrong. :?

Anyone here know any cheaper apartment outside tokyo or in any other city is find too. We have just get married and of course we will get a baby :D so we should have good living apartment right?

Any advice would be appreaciated. Thanks. :haihai:
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