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Looking for any one with last name Saikachi


9 Dec 2002
Looking for Keihachi Saikachi in particular. His Son Ryan Saikachi lost his address in Japan. Im Ryans friend and happened to come accross this web site on the net.He Has not seen him in, I think in like something in the ballpark of 27 years and he is 29.
Re: Keihashi Saikachi

Hello Sly,

Please e-mail me at ( [email protected] )
with more details and I will
give you information as to who I am.

We are a non profit all volunteer group whose purpose is to
reunite RELATIVES in Japan with their relatives in the USA.

Sincerely Shigeo
Hi chefsly, welcome aboard! 🙂


if you agree please introduce your group in a new thread, I will then stick the thread on top of this forum.
Looking for Keihachi Saikachi from Yahiko, Niigatta. his son Ryan Keihachi has not heard from him since the age of 2 , now he is 30. His father attended le cordon blu france, his family I believe own a rice company. Last name Saikachi is old monk name meaning one who watches or protects over the western coast, unusual name, every Saikachi is probaby relative , but would like to know if Keihachi died or is alive and remarried. Even Japanese ask about that unusual name, which is also given as a species of treein Japan, the saikachi tree. Ryan saikachi is changed his name to ryan newman and lives in seattle area. would like phone or address of keihachi.
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