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Looking for Angelica Yamaguchi

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14 Jun 2015
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Hello Everyone, i am new here, and the reason i join is because i am looking for a person named Angelica Yamaguchi or Miyuki Yamaguchi she is a half japanese half filipina. she was my girlfriend 15 years ago and we lost communication, the last location i know of her is she is residing in hongkong. i have been trying to look for her for the past 2 years now, just to know how is she, is she married, does she have her own family, is she single? there are a lot of things i want to know, and we never have a closure of our relationship, we just lost communication and that's it.. 15 years ago is not the same as now, internet access then was not as available as now, we met thru mIRC, its a Internet Relay Chat client used by individuals and organizations to communicate, we fell in love thru online, sending photos thru email, but we really never meet personally, we were suppose to meet in hongkong but it never push through, we were suppose to meet again in Philippines but it didn't happen. please try to help me find her. thank you so much guys, i will really appreciate any efforts that you will be able to give. thank you!
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