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Looking for an old friend from college


20 Aug 2015
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Hi all,

I know this will be a long shot, but I'm desperate. I'm looking for a good friend of mine from CSU Hayward (also known as CSU East Bay) in Hayward, California. Her name is Ayuko Sawada from Gifu, Japan. She was a Communication major in CSU Hayward.

Our last contact was in July 2011 by email. I have tried to emailed her since August 2011 a couple times, but she hasn't replied me back.

I believe she moved back to Japan on 2012. She has an older brother that got married back in 2008/9 (I do not know his name, unfortunately). Ayuko also mentioned that his father work in electricity company that operate nuclear power plant in Gifu.

I have tried to Facebook-ed and Google-d her but nothing came up. I attach her picture just in case you guys know her or can help me. Hopefully you guys can help me!

Many thanks before!

Dewi R. -- Jakarta, Indonesia


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Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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Googling in Japanese reveals someone by that name from Gifu, currently named Ayuko Noda. It may be her. I don't use Facebook myself so I can't see everything there.

Ayuko Noda | Facebook
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