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Looking for Akinori China


24 Sep 2003
Hello there,

I am looking for an old friend of mine called Akinori China. He would be about 46 by now and I'm almost certain that he lives somewhere in Tokyo.

In 1983 he lived in Kokuryo in Chofu-shi which is where I knew him from. He went to the USA in 1984 as a foreign student and I lost contact with him then. I'm pretty sure he is back in Japan now.

I'll be visiting Japan next year for the first time in 20 years and would love to catch up with him then, if possible.

If anyone knows anything about him and can help locate him I would be most grateful.

Hi Kerryn...I just came across your plea for help in locating your friend China Akinori.

I am not sure that we are discussing the same person, but this might be the same. I too am searching for an individual named China Akinori, who traveled to the U.S., and listed his address as: 228 19 Masumori. Koshigaya Shi Saitama Ken.

If this is indeed the friend you are looking for, and if you do locate him, please have him get in contact with me immediately. This is v-e-r-y important. Apparently, whenever he left the U.S. and returned to Japan, he left money in his bank accounts here. There is a large sum of money that I am attempting to return to him. Any help that you can provide shall be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Kerryn. I sincerely do hope that you are successful in reuniting with your friend, and I shall look forward to hearing from him as well.
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Wendell, I have edited out your personal data, as you really shouldn't share this with the general public. You can contact each other via PM (in case Kerryn is still using the same email address as almost ten years ago).
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