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Looking for accomodation in the Tokyo area...


The Child
18 Dec 2003
Hey all,
Well, I and an associate are planning to travel to Japan this summer, from July till August, and, being the lazy dropouts we are, we can't really be bothered doing any in depth research just yet. So I was wondering if anybody could recommend any accomodation in and around the Tokyo area (for 2). Bear in mind that being students, we do have a budget...
Thanks in advance...
i stayed here a year ago. loved it... they have an onsen (that allow foreigners) nearby, three blocks away, with good clean facilities.
Ummm... yeah... I forgot about the accomodation page >< :p
Well, thanks for reminding me anyways...
Budd, that place looks nice.

I'm going to be in Tokyo soon, and I'm thinking about staying there. What else can you tell me about it? Any good places to eat nearby? Does a sexy obaasan work there? Etc......
hmmm... it's VERY close to Kaminari-mon 雷門
kaiten-zushi about a block away...
sexy obaasan? :) bahahahahahaha
open-air market three or so blocks away, visible from hotel...
np! thanks for saying thanks! this hotel has a really organic feel to it -- a lot of wood... the staircase is really beautiful from an angle. the current managers are a couple of guys named Satoshi and Kenichi. really cool internationally-minded people. and they both speak excellent english!
itcj is off the hook!
anyway, "you don't remember if they sell towels at that onsen, do you? How is it?"
yeah, they do. the hotel does also, but the onsen for sure, cause i bought one! they have three tubs of varying temperature... with the waterfall + rocks motif

edit: okay, here it is... i'm dead-linking in case somebody might get offended
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