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looking for a retreat in a temple


12 Sep 2003
Do you know a Zen or Vajrayana temple let's say in Nara or Kyoto where people can stay for a retreat for no cost or not too much? (and which is not for tourists).

Thank you

You might be able to find some by searching the net. I don't mean to be glib but I too was looking at one point and found a few that way. Also, I am sure there is a Zen group in Paris and they will be your best resource. Usually in these situations it is good to have a human contact. Things get done faster.

Programs range from weekend two day sessions and once-weekly in my experience. Most programs are set up for people who have day jobs and come in on Saturdays.

I would PM Kazuken as well.

Would you be happy with other parts of Japan? And lastly, how good is your Japanese? English speaking facilities may be limited...
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